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Horse(riding) experiences in groups for advanced riders (max 4 participants)

Thursday for confident and advanced riders Walk, Trot and Canter***

A unique experience, in a very small group of advanced riders. First you can enjoy your personal time with the horses no time pressure, with your personal guide and the best possible horse partner, we start with brushing them together before we go on beautiful horse riding trip. A relaxing morning or afternoon. (total time about 2.5 hours – riding time is 1.5 hours). Our tours are

Mountain Magic** An excursion through the mountains in almost untouched nature with stunning views over the island and the Sea in 3 directions, the best tour for beginners but suitable and enjoyable for everyone!

The beauty of the north** Roundtrip on winding paths through the mountain world, past the bay of Ses Caletas and with a touch of the unspoiled old Ibiza with fields of almond, olive and fig trees and ancient fincas (due to extremely steep and rocky parts not always possible).
1.5 hours excursion ... 90.00 €
2.0 hours excursion ... 120.00 € (from 01.11.-31.05.)

Please make your booking at least 10 days in advance. Deposit required when booking! Tours of 1.5 or 2 hours, the groups will have maximum 3 to 5 participants. More details and times on request.

If you like to take part in our group rides, it is important that you are completely honest about your riding skills, also about any fears. This helps us to be able to offer a nice riding experience to everyone. We are happy about many details.
In the event of false information provided by the customer, we reserve the right to prevent the customer from participating on site. In such a case, the price for the ride is still due, there will be no refund.

Ask for your personal, individually designed horse riding event!

*     Prices are per person

**   Rides for beginners only as part of the private tours, for 2 beginners we ride with an extra guide, for this we charge a flat fee of € 40 - we can take a maximum of 2 beginners on one ride.

*** We recommend to book at least 10 days in advance. 50 % of the price are to be paid at the time your booking is confirmed.

Discount for residents is possible, if they are advanced horse riders and IF the discount is NEEDED; just ask …

Because of the legal situation BEACH RIDES are NOT POSSIBLE anymore, we hope for your understanding !!!

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